Christmas Traditions: Christ-Centered Edition

*Christmas = The Birth Of The Savior!!

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way, the holiday portion of CHRISTmas in my house is about traditions that my kid will (actually) remember and that will draw him closer to God. I say poo-poo on the run-of-the-mill busy work to-do list that makes the whole season pass in a blur; if, after the one big day, I don’t feel closer to God, my family, or mankind then I say the whole holiday was an epic fail. So a few years ago we did away with what was expected of us and made our own list.

Here are our ‘Big 3’ as we call them:

3.  Making cookies for people who we think probably get overlooked. We bake & decorate cross cookies for the garbage men and the mailman. (We make a mess, have a ball, and spend the time discussing how important it is to look for ‘overlooked’ people in all areas of life, all the time, and draw them into our life.)


2. Praying a “Happy Birthday, Jesus!” first thing Christmas morning before even donning our slippers and heading to the tree of presents.


And the #1 tradition that elicits the most excitement:

1. Making a Birthday Cake for Jesus! †

He informed me that Jesus would totally prefer Funfetti cake


Special Note: The most obvious tradition in our house is attending Church on both Christmas Eve & Day.

What are some of your special traditions? How do you keep Christ in Christmas?


3 responses

  1. My favorite tradition is giving the girls 3 gifts each. 1. A gold gift-something they really really want because gold was something very precious & something people really wanted. 2. A frankincense gift-something that brings them closer to God. Frankincense was what the Jews burned to carry their prayers to God & thus have a relationship with Him. 3. A myrrh gift-something that covers them from head to toe. Myrrh was an oil Jews would annoint bodies with upon death, they would cover the body from head to toe.
    We also read the story of the wise men in Matthew and explain each if the gifts these men gave to Jesus. Then we sing happy birthday to Jesus.
    My hope is the children will remember that Jesus is our ultimate gift & we should never put material things before our King

  2. I LOVE this!!! I have been baking Jesus a birthday cake since i was 7 yrs old….now here i am 25, married and have a year and half old daughter, who will be making her first brithday cake for Jesus this year!!!! Its a great tradition!!!!

    • Jessica — Thanks for taking the time to comment! I am so glad to find someone else who has this tradition; I sometimes get strange responses from others when I tell them about this…I was starting to think that I was a weirdo. Ha! But your comment has reaffirmed that this seemingly small activity does leave a lasting impression and can carry on to another generation; what a blessing!! Thank you so much!!

      I hope that you and your dear little one enjoy the special tradition together as much as you did when you were small and as much as we do in our house!! Merry Christmas!!

"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." (Matthew 18:20)

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