365 Gratitude Project: Week 5

Wake up every day with at least 1 thing that makes you grateful you are alive, who you are, and exactly where you are– that was the mission.  (Yes, I am almost a month behind. But always better late than never!)

A kid that loves vegetables. I’m completely serious when I say that he enjoys eating them. He’ll even ask for them as a “side” in his lunchbox. I love this kid!


Stain Remover. God bless whoever invented stain remover.

Stain Remover is to a mother what a gun is to a cowboy in an old western.



Decent hospital food. If you must sit up at a hospital all night, at least you can get the amazing food delivered right to your door, still piping hot.

(I realize that most hospitals have crap food, but the one where I live is AWESOME!)


 My custom-built scrapbook desk/cubbies. My dear husband has amazing skills that are so different from mine. He put a lot of time into this just to make me happy. And it did. This is a serious scrappers dream come true!!


 Cocoa, book, warm throw blanket. Do I really need to say any more?!


 Black Friday Shopping. We would never be able to afford a trampoline. Thanks to Black Friday we could. He has been outside every single day. He is exhausted when he comes inside.

And it seems to bring all the neighborhood friends to the yard…


 Getting to share in truly joyful occasions. Being a part of something really special is just the best! My friend has wanted a baby for the last 10 years and is finally pregnant! The room was just bursting with Joy and I am so grateful to have shared this moment with her!


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them." (Matthew 18:20)

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