I have felt the same was as One Christian Dad for a long time!!

One Christian Dad

ImageWhy do you have a title of programs that promote ungodly lifestyles?  Because I have seen them.  I enjoyed them.

But I have another reason.

Recently I was talking with some Christian friends when one asked what movie he should watch with his wife – he wanted to laugh so he asked for a good comedy.  My friends then recommended the Hangover.  I admit I laughed at it when I watched a few years ago, and in my enthusiasm to be “one of the guys” I also recommended it. Later, as I thought about the movie, I began to recall that it was not very “Christian.”  So I discovered, after some research, that The Hangover  has 91 occasions of the f-word , 41 poop words (Sh*t etc.), 14 crude references about a person’s bum, 13 “hells,” and nine slang terms for the male reproductive organ. And the kicker? There are 31 different versions of…

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Confessions of An Imperfect Homeschooler has nailed my problem on the head. Love this post!

confessions of an imperfect homeschooler

Every homeschool parent has experienced fear of inadequacy, any who would deny that are either 1.) lying or 2.) well…. lying.  Everyone everywhere has experienced fear of inadequacy in some area of their lives, but for homeschoolers this is the stuff nightmares are made of.  There is something specific though that I would like to point out, this fear intimidates, that is why it is so effective.  Let us now explore intimidation.


The bible tells us a story of the 12 spies going into the promised land to “check things out”.  Caleb and Joshua of course were the only 2 who came back with good reports and hope for conquering it.  The other 10 however, reported that they were in their own sight, as grasshoppers and so they were in the eyes of the giants in the land as well.


Did you see that?  They defeated themselves long…

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Homeschool Resource

A homeschool mom from my church recently came over to share some wisdom with me for getting started in August. She led me to a fantastic resource that I am super excited about and wanted to share.

Classical Academic Press has family resources that are interesting and easy for children. I am starting off with the New Testament because I believe learning about Jesus is the most important part of life. (We’ll work through the Old Testament afterwards). They even have materials for Logic, Latin/Greek/French/Spanish, and even educational resources that help you plan your teaching. I am super excited about this! I made my order yesterday so I can’t give any specific reviews yet, but I have high hopes!

It’s worth checking out even if you don’t want to order– you may run across someone else who needs a resource.