Hands-On Learning of Bones

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Bones can be complex and mysterious if you can’t see them and feel them. Hands-on learning is really the only way to absorb that much information. In order to learn the bone names, shapes and placements, we put together a life-size skeleton. In order to learn the different types and functions of joints, we played with a skeleton doll.

This seems to me his favorite lesson so far! (And it was perfect for being stuck inside due to cold weather!)

We also took some moments every day to express how creative and attentive to detail God is!!! Studying the abilities and complexities of the human body is a *great* conversation starter about God’s creativity and concern for our well-being.


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    • Cheri, someone donated a little kit to the library I work at. It is called “GeoSafari Undercover Series: Human Body Undercover” by company ‘Educational Insights, Inc’ ISBN: 1-56767-574-3. Beware though: it *does* have tiny parts that *do* come off. I’ve already had to fix a dislocated shoulder. LOL!
      But you could always hang it on the wall to look at and touch without it being a play object? The kit has a million other aspects of the human body, though. It’s really neat!!

      Now, the skeleton puzzle for the floor is foam, durable, and available at the teacher store Ergadoo.

      I can’t wait to see your posts about anatomy!!! It is so much fun and so interesting! And I always love the lessons you come up with!

      • Oh, my! I hadn’t thought about doing anatomy on my blog, I meant for my kids. 😀
        But, there is a lot of amazing stuff out there, maybe it will be something God wants me to do.

        Thanks for the info. I’ll look into the kit. Have a wonderful day!

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