Cheapskate Run Amok

No such thing as "one time use" in my house

Hello, my¬† name is Michelle, and I’m so frugal/cheap that I wash my baggies and reuse them. I admit this. It didn’t occur to me that this is odd behavior until I was at my parent’s house over Christmas. This is how I discovered I have surpassed frugal and dipped into cheap:

Mom: “Do you girls want to take home leftovers?”
Sister: “Yes, but I didn’t bring any Tupperware.”
Mom: “No problem hon, I have the big baggies.”
Sister: “Oh, well no way then.”
Me: “Oooh, I’ll take mine and hers then! I love baggies! I’ll just wash them and reuse them so I have more for packing school… lun..”

*All eyes stare at me*

Me: “…ches. What?!
My Dear Husband knowing what the stares mean without anyone using words: “Mmmhmmm, they are hanging all over the house to dry…”

*His sentence drops off because I kicked him lovingly nudged his shin with my foot.*

I am not ashamed of such behavior. I have money for important things because I save so much from such odd little tricks. I mean, why nickel-and-dime yourself?

I’m on a roll now so I’ll go ahead and tell you this little cheapskate anecdote:

My son’s birthday is a week before Christmas. He wanted a themed birthday party so I spent money on the tablecloth, banner, and plates. We had his party, and then I had that plastic tablecloth that (we all know) he will have no interest in by next year. I couldn’t see wasting the money I spent on it for just a 1 time, 2 hour use. So I cut it up and wrapped some presents with it. It worked out perfectly!!

(Gentle) Mockery ensued. I’m actually more proud of my ways than embarrassed. They say cheap, I say resourceful.

What are some of your best cheap/frugal/resourceful ways??